Adapted Book Library at Turning Pointe – Jeanine Nicarico Memorial Literacy Fund Grant Recipient

April 12, 2017

The Turning Pointe Autism Foundation is a Jeanine Nicarico Memorial Literacy Fund Grant Recipient. With the grant funds, Turning Pointe was able to purchase supplies to get their adapted book library program started.

The program makes reading accessible to students at the Turning Pointe CN Day School, the majority of whom are non-verbal.



In this video, we see Clay, a 14 year old student who transferred to Turning Pointe in May of 2016. When he transferred, his behaviors were so intense that he was unable to access his communication device or much academic learning. Since arriving at Turning Pointe, his team has been working diligently to decrease his behaviors and increase his communication and academic success. Here’s a quick video to show you how just one of our student’s is using our adapted books.