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The Jeanine Nicarico Memorial Fund for Literacy supports grants to individual educators, or entire schools, in an effort to promote a deeper understanding and teaching of literacy, to enrich instructional programs, to provide opportunities to link literacy between the home and the school, and to lay foundations that will develop life-long readers. The Fund was established in 1996 by friends and family of the Nicaricos, faculty members at River Woods Elementary School and other staff members of Naperville Community Unit School District 203.

Thank you to our Donors & Sponsors

  • Gary and Gloria Baumgartner
  • Stan and Sharon
  • Barb Jansz
  • Estie and Dom Bonanno
  • Ted and Judy Patnaude
  • Glenn Vanden Houten
  • Cynthia Fauth
  • Jeanne and Joe Cappello
  • Estie and Dom Bonanno
  • Emily Valencia
  • John and Carole Ullery
  • Last to Leave Gang
  • Bud and Kathy DeVore
  • Paul & Carole Griffith
  • Last to leave
  • Jeanine Nicarico
  • Barry & Sandy Burgoyne
  • The Nasman Family
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  • Nicole Daddio
  • Barbara Jansz
  • Christine Solari
  • Brandon Bernstein
  • Michael Blank
  • Kimberly Blitek
  • Andrew Bucek
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  • Susan Kolar
  • Douglas Hill
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  • Darryl F. Howe
  • Rosanne Peterson
  • Margaret Gardner
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  • Joan Forman
  • Annette Wishall
  • Mark & Bonnie Taylor
  • W. Christine Rauscher
  • Kris Nelson 
  • Laura Caldwell
  • Charlene Behrends
  • Gary & Gloria Baumgartner
It shall be the mission of the Jeanine Nicarico Memorial Fund for Literacy to honor the memory of Jeanine by acquiring and distributing resources that promote a deeper understanding of literacy and provide enriched literacy opportunities for the learners within the Naperville community.
Since the spring of 1996, the Jeanine Nicarico Memorial Fund for Literacy has awarded over 200 grants totaling more than $350,000 to both private and public schools in Naperville School Districts 203 and 204. The grants have benefited all ages, from newborns to senior citizens.
  • Promote the development of literacy for learners of all ages
  • Provide resources for literacy programs and staff development opportunities for educators

Encourage and support educators to:

  • Clarify their personal belief system about literacy and learning that is reflected in their practice
  • Develop a deeper understanding of reading and writing processes
  • Acquire the understanding to create a climate that lays a foundation to develop life-long readers, writers, and learners
  • Provide opportunities that link literacy between the home and school

grant committee

Barb Scott,
Founding Chairman

Barbara Jansz,

Charlene Behrends

Dr. Mary Ann Bobosky

Angela Matteson

Tracey Nelson

Terry Elkin Pocius

Kitty Ryan

Sue Salness

Jayne Willard

Tisha Allison

Brian O’Dowd

Alex Morrow

Harriet Treacy

The Nicarico Family (Tom, Pat, Chris and Kathy)

interested in applying for a grant?

Our grants are awarded to individual educators or entire schools to promote a deeper understanding of literacy and provide enriched literacy opportunities for the learners within the Naperville community.