Project Discovery Curriculum

School: Turning Pointe Autism Foundation
Number of Students: 20
Amount: 2661

The grant will be used to purchase career education and transition curriculum for young adults.

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    Grant Title: Project Discovery Curriculum
    Submitted By: Rose Bylak
    Co-Writers: Megan Covey Bianca Frost
    School Name: Turning Pointe Autism Foundation
    School Address: 1500 West Ogden Avenue
    Principal Name: Bernadette Bassett
    Other Grants Awarded: 2016 - $1,000 2017 - $3,000 2018 - $3,000
    Other Grants Applied For This Year: We have not applied for any other grants this year for this specific program.
    Number of Students: 20
    Grade Level: 18-26 is the age of the students
    Dollar Amount Requested: 2661
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    Applicants Beliefs About Literacy: The grant will be used to purchase career education and transition curriculum for young adults specifically, The Project Discovery Career Development Adapted Series Curriculum.
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  • How does this grant promote the development of literacy for learners?0
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  • Does this grant provide professional development opportunities for educators (resources for programs and staff development)?
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  • Please clarify your personal belief system about literacy and learning that is reflected in your practice?Project Discovery includes evidence-based strategies in their curriculum such as video modeling, visual schedules, data sheets, real life photography, communication, behavior supports, system of least prompts and time delay, and assessments with audio. Within the assessment section, Project Discovery utilizes a knowledge based pre-test/post-test and performance based work-performance benchmarking. Certificate of Completion is offered for each kit.
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  • Does this grant develop a deeper understanding of the reading and/or writing processes?
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  • How does this grant lay the foundation for creating life-long readers, writers, and learners?
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  • Does this grant provide opportunities that link literacy at home and school?
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  • Assessment PlanWe are asking for $2,661 to help us start purchasing curriculum and supplies. Below is the one the teachers would like to start with and attached is the price sheet so you can get an idea. PD0800ADA Cleaning Maintenance: Beginning and Adapted Curriculum + Set of Supplies $2,661
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  • Itemized & Detailed BudgetAdults with autism are appropriate candidates for ongoing literacy assessment and instruction within a variety of settings. Reading and writing are essential skills for adults. Being literate means that people can understand and follow written instructions, find out information online or in books, write letters and emails, and use the dominant symbol systems of a culture. It also means that an adult is able to participate fully in their community. Given the importance of literacy interventions across life domains, it can and should be supported across the lifespan (Foley and Staples, 2003). Increasing the communication and social competence of adults with autism who use AAC can be most effectively accomplished by identifying programs and systematically implementing those that support literacy learning for this population.That is because illiteracy reinforces poverty and denies people access to information, knowledge and data (International Communication Project, 2019). For example,if a person cannot read a technical manual they cannot develop the skills needed to advance up the socioeconomic ladder.
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