Game Changer: Book Access for All Kids

School: Peter M. Gombert Elementary
Number of Students: 50
Amount: 770.36

Our students need meaningful and consistent access to books at school and home. We’re determined to provide relevant books within our classroom. When students have books they feel passionate about reading they see themselves as readers. Providing book access is a game changer for our students.

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    Grant Title: Game Changer: Book Access for All Kids
    Submitted By: Katie O'Boyle
    Co-Writers: Christina Messerschmidt Sheila Owens
    School Name: Peter M. Gombert Elementary
    School Address: 2707 Ridge Road
    Principal Name: Dr. Jeremy Ricken
    Other Grants Awarded: Jeanine Nicarico Grant 2018-2019 school year
    Other Grants Applied For This Year: None
    Number of Students: 50
    Grade Level: K-5
    Dollar Amount Requested: 770.36
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    Applicants Beliefs About Literacy: Without access to books, the persistent gap between children who have access and those who do not will remain. Our students will not reach their full potential without books to access both at school and at home. By continuing to add relevant books to our classroom library it is our mission for our students to spend more time reading, interact more with books, show more positive attitudes about reading and as a result, our students will attain higher levels of reading achievement. We believe that our classroom libraries play an important role in providing access to books and promoting literacy which will ultimately help our students to increase their reading motivation, engagement within their school day, as well as help our students to become critical thinkers and analytical readers. We believe by providing newer texts to our students will help keep our students motivated to read. Funding from this grant will help our students to stay motivated with reading as well as providing our lower socioeconomic students with resources necessary to engage with high interest texts.
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  • Please clarify your personal belief system about literacy and learning that is reflected in your practice?A Pre-Assessment benchmark testing will be given in fall and winter and then we will check for literacy growth in the spring. The Aimsweb Benchmark Assessment measures the students reading vocabulary, comprehension and oral reading fluency. We will also use Rigby to measure students instructional reading level. This is ongoing throughout the year, done by both support and classroom teachers. Our goal is to grow our intermediate grade students by 3 book levels (on an A-Z continuum). For example, if a student starts the year at a level K they will be at a level M by the end of the year. Many of our students are below grade level and making this growth requires closely monitored interventions in addition to quality books that inspire and motivate the students to achieve.
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  • How does this grant lay the foundation for creating life-long readers, writers, and learners?
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  • Does this grant provide opportunities that link literacy at home and school?
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  • Assessment PlanSee attached PDF.
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  • Itemized & Detailed BudgetWe believe all students should have access to books that are appealing to them as readers. We believe our students will not reach their fullest potential without consistent books to read both at school and at home. We believe that books make a difference in kids’ lives. One way to help us reach this goal is for students to have the opportunity to check out books from our classroom to take home to read on a nightly basis. We want to provide engaging books that are readily accessible to foster a strong literacy connection between home and school. We want to monitor and motivate readers to grow academically and strive to be lifelong readers.
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